Raven’s Nest


Some of you may already be familiar with our school’s cafeteria and for some it might be your first time. To all, I say welcome!

For many years the Raven’s Nest has been run by Colleen Wainwright. She did a wonderful job, and has left some very big shoes to fill. It is my pleasure to introduce myself, Ashley Rydell, as the new face of the Raven’s Nest.

The Raven’s Nest will operate in much the same way it has in previous years with one major addition, we will now be offering online ordering and payment!


MENU FOR THE WEEK OF June 17 - 21, 2019


 Chicken Nuggets 


 Chicken Teriyaki


 Chilli Cheese Dogs




Closed for Summer, Happy Holidays!

~Daily Specials $3.00~


Extras & Goodies

Apple Juice, Water, Jammer Juice Boxes - 50¢ 
Ice Tea, 5 Alive - $1
        Pudding or Jello - $1  
        Cookies, Brownies or Squares - 50¢  
        Goldfish, Fruit by the Foot - 50¢
        Tree Top Gummies - 25¢  
        Muffins - $1.50
Hash browns - 50

As time goes on and I become more familiar with the students,
there will be some changes to the Extras & Goodies,
so check back for new and exciting changes!


To place an order online please follow the link;


K-5 Parent Information: K-5 students can order their lunches in one of two ways; they can either have a parent or guardian place an online order (orders close midnight of the day before) or they can drop their orders in the green bin in their classroom first thing in the morning. Orders are picked up and filled and lunches are delivered directly to their classroom at lunch time. Required info for orders;

-child’s name
-child’s teacher
-order, dip choice if applicable

If there is more than one order per family, they can be sent together, with one child, as long as the corresponding names and classrooms are included. If your child is late for school, please have them bring their orders directly to the cafeteria as soon as possible, orders will not be filled after 10AM (orders will not be filled if they are brought down at lunch time). If you order snack items for your child and not the lunch special, they will still be delivered at lunch time to reduce classroom interruptions.

6-8 Parent Information: 6-8 students are able to pre-order their lunches and pick them up from the pre-order window in the Raven’s Nest. Parents can also order Raven’s Buck Coupon Books from the online ordering, they come in books of five, $3 vouchers. Students can pick these books up directly from the Raven’s Nest. Students must use the whole three dollar voucher at one time, no change will be given.


-RTCS allows me space to operate the cafeteria; I do not work for the school district. Therefore; if you wish to pay by cheque, please make it out to me Ashley Rydell – or leave it blank and I will fill it in.

-In an effort to keep costs low, the menu will change weekly.

-Some menu items are customizable to a degree, if you have questions about ingredients or if you have a request (i.e. no cheese), send me an email or leave a note with your child’s order and I will do my best.

-I will not take elementary orders after 10AM. Elementary and middle school students do not eat at the same time, so their orders are prepared separately. Elementary students are not permitted to come to the cafeteria at lunch time.

-If your child has forgotten their utensil, I will gladly lend them one that they can return when finished or they can purchase a plastic one for 10¢. If one of my lunches requires a utensil, one will be provided. If I have forgotten to include the required utensil students are welcome to run down and pick one up.

-I am open for middle school nutrition break, elementary and middle school lunches.


If you have any questions, pop down and see me in the cafeteria, alternatively you can email me at

Information & Announcements

Grade 6 Orientation Day

This is a chance for incoming Grade 6 students to connect with Grade 8 peer leaders. They will learn about the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Crew at RTCS through a variety of fun, and informative activities.

WhenWednesday, August 28th – 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Where: RTCS (50850 Yale Road) Enter through front doors and follow the signs to the gym.

Leadership/WEB Orientation?

What is Leadership/WEB Orientation? Leadership/WEB Orientation is a chance for incoming Grade 8 Leadership students to connect and learn about what WEB Crew at RTCS is all about. We will spend Wednesday morning (8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) preparing to welcome our incoming Grade 6 students.

When: Wednesday, August 28th / 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.